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Real name - Philip John Clapp
Age - 30
PLB - Knoxville Tennessee
Eyes - Brown
Hair - Brown
Height - 6'1
Stats - Married to Melanie for 6 years have 4 yr old daughter together Madison
Tattoos - Madison on left side of chest, NEW TATTOO something about wawa....
Influences - His Father, Slim Pickens, Strother Martin, George C. Scott, Paul Lynde, Charles Nelson Reilly, Ron Palillo, Dave Letterman, Super Dave Osborne, and Candid Camera
Movies/Videos - Boob, Number Two, Coyote Ugly,
Upcoming Movies - Big Trouble, Life Without Dick, The Tree, & Deuces Wild
Current Residents - Los Angeles, CA

Real name - Brandon C. Margera
Age - 21
PLB - West Chester PA
Eyes - Blue
Hair - Brown/Black
Height - 5'6
Stats - Dating Jenn Rivell
Tattoos - Upsidedown heart on indside of right wrist & a HIM tattoo right over his WEE-WILLY-WINKIE..... just like Ville
Influences - Ville Valo
Movies/Videos - CKY & CKY2K
Upcoming Movies - CKY 3
Current Residents - West Chester PA.... moving to Glen Woods PA
Job - Pro Skater
Sponsers - Element, Adio, Volcom, Diakka, Electric, Fairman´s, Spitfire, Destroyer, Jone´s Soda, CKy
Fav Skaters - Boulala, Keri Getz, Maldonado, Penny, Sarri, Hoofbite
Fav Music - HIM, cKy, Death Metal
Fav Food - Toasted bagel with mayo, lettuce, & tomato
Fav Movies - Good Will Hunting, Mallrats, Lost Boys, Robin Hood: Men in Tights
Likes - S4 & A4, Hoof´s gear, FDR park
Dislikes - Airport scenario, Tod Swank
Fashion Tip - Tight black gear with white spray paint mist to look dirty

Real name - Stephen Gilchrist Glover
Age - 27
PLB - Albuquerque, New Mexico
Eyes - Brown
Hair - Brown
Tattoos - "Your Name" is tattooed on his right ass cheek
Influences - "
Current Residents - Los Angeles, CA
Porn Name - The Cheetah
Other - Graduated from Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Clown College in 1997. He says the program was more like boot camp than college. "It was only eight weeks long and we trained fourteen hours every day." Out of 2000 applicants, only 33 were accepted and Steve-O was one of them. However, after graduation, only 10 were selected for the circus and this didn´t include him.

Real name - Chris Pontius
Age - 26
PLB - Pasadena, CA
Eyes - Hazel
Hair - Brown
Height - 5'8
Current Residents - Los Angeles, CA
Nicknames - Bunny, Party Boy, Chief Roberts, Pontius the Barbarian, Mr. America, Garbage Man, Bear Johnson(The Alaskan Porn Sensation)
Car - Toyota Pickup
Fav Movies - Big Trouble in Little China, North Shore
Fav TV Shows - Different Strokes, Scooby Doo
Fav Skater - Jason Jessee
Fav CD - Misfits Box Set
Fav Bands/Singers - Misfits, Black Flag, Elvis Presley, Pixies, Doo Rag, Bob Log III, White Stripes, Melvins, Hasil Adkins, Fred McDowell, Johnny Cash, Bob Dylan, Eazy E, NWA, Any Gangster Rap
Fav Song - Hybrid Moments by the Misfits
Fav Books - `Breakfast of Champions´ by Kurt Vonnegut, `Barrel Fever´ by David Sidaris
Fav Food - Mexican & tuna
Fav Color - Rainbow
Fav Past Times - Watching sunsets, Daydreaming, Picking flowers, Having promiscuous unprotected sex

Real name - Ryan Dunn
Age - 23
PLB - Medina, Ohio
Eyes - Blue
Hair - Blonde/Brown
Height - 5'9
Current Residents - West Chester, PA
Nicknames - Glory Boy, Cryin´ Ryan
Hobbies - Sleeping, Eating
Tattoos - Red Hot Chili Peppers logo, Blair Witch, Plus sign, Weights, Noose, BMW logo (right arm)
Idol - Tom Piscattello
Fav Place - Iceland
Fav Music - Life of Agony, Ignite, Clash, Billy Joel, Eddie Money
Fav Food - Red beet eggs
Fav Movies - Grosse Point Blank, One Crazy, Annie
Hates - Everything at one time
Likes - TV in my car, Jean jacket, Mom
HOW CUTE!! - When he first learned to talk he told his mom he remembered being in her belly and that he had a ball and a lion to play with while he was in there.

Real name - Brandon DiCamillo
POB - West Chester, PA
Age - 26
Eyes - Brown
Hair - Brown
Hobbies - Jacknifing
Idol - Jean Claude Van Damne
Fav Place - Frazier, PA
Fav Music - Harpsicord, Toy Dolls
Fav Movies - Running Man, World´s Greatest Penetration
Fav Food - Mashed Potatoes, Motza balls
Hates - School Teachers, Cream soda, Kate´s dad
Likes - Mortal Combat, Punch Out, Calgary Flames

Real Name - Dave England
Age - 31
POB - Ventura, CA
Height - 5'10
Eyes - Blue
Hair - Blonde
Stats - Married
Currently Resides - Portland, OR
Nicknames - Cocksuckin´ Motherfucker, Chef Dave, DEK, Darf
Car - K.I.T.T.- 84 Trans Am
Fav Movies - Clockwork Orange, The Jerk, The Feebles, Harold and Maude
Fav Actor - Bud Cort
Fav Actress - Anne Ramsey
Fav TV Show - Sigmund the Seamonster
Fav Skateboarder - Neil Blender
Fav CD - Cocaine Party Mix
Fav Bands/Singers - Ween, DJ Me DJ You, The Meatmen, White Stripes, Gang Green, The Owners, Dan Creech Band, Man Chowder, Geisha Boys, Turbo Negro Fav Songs - "Snowblind" by Black Sabbath
Fav Book - "Notes of a Dirty Old Man" by Charles Bukowski
Fav Food - BBQ Chicken
Fav Drinks - Coffee, Beer, Water
Fav Color - Anything super murky or real bright, almost blinding
Fav Quote - "Eat a bowl of dicks." - Mikey Merrick
Fav Pasttimes - Sabotaging glory holes with razor blades and salt

Real Name - Chris Raab
Eyes - Brown
Hair - Brown/Blonde
Current Residents - Glen Hills PA
Idol - The Infamous green villan
Fav Skaters - Bam, Donny Barley
Fav Place - Munich, Germany
Fav Music - Phish, Pearl Jam, Rusted Root, misc. hippy shit
Fav Movies - Friday, The Beach, Rounders, Good Will Hunting
Fav Food - Fettuccine Alfredo
Hates - When people dont agree with what he has to say
Likes - His Uncle, Matt Damon, Girls, Mountain Biking, Shippensberg

Nick Names - Rakeman Yohneth
Eyes - Brown
Hair - Brown
Current Residents - West Chester PA
Hobbies - Womanizing, Being the mad scientist he is, Computer programing
Idol - Linus Paulin
Fav Place - Sitting by a fire
Fav Music - Slayer, Motor Head, GG Allen
Fav Food - Beer
Fav Movies - Road Warrior, 2010, Quest for Fire, Saving Private Ryan
Hates - "Fucking MUSTARD more then anything."
Likes - Beer, Mixing chemicals, Parties, Women

POB - Carthage, Missouri
Age - 28
Eyes - Brown
Hair - Brown
Current Residents - Hollywood, CA

Real Name - Jason Acuna
Eyes - Brown
Hair - Brown
Current Residents - Huntington Beach,Ca

Real Name - Jesse Margera
POB - Wester Chester PA
Age - 23
Current Residents - West Chester PA.... moving to Glen Woods PA
Fav Music - Clutch, King Crimson, Pixies
Fav Movies - Amazon Women On The Moon, Groundhog Day, Event Horizon, CKY2K, Spies Like Us
Hobbies - Movies, Records, Playing Live, Filming with Bam


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