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1.In your opinion whos ass is nicer Johnny or Steve-o?
-Steve-O's is nicer to look at, but Johny's feels better on the inside.

2.What Jackass skit did you like doing most & why?
-It is called Jaguar Gymnastics. It hasn't even aired yet. It is AMAZING, it continues to amaze me!

3.Do you like mustard?

4.What's your best pick up line?
-"I'm ready to go, my cock's hard! Who's gettin' fucked?"

5.If you could have 3 wishes what would they be?
-I only have one and here it is: I wish that I had a prehensile penis so I could hang by it from the tree tops the same way monkeys do with their tails. I bet it would feel good for a lady if I was humping her with it.

6.If you were in a porn flick who would you want to star in it with you?
-I don't know, any of those big grazing animals from Africa like the elephant and the hippo and the rhinosaurus

7.What was your weirdest dream?
I dreamed that the head of my penis kept falling off and I had to keep it on with glue. Finally, I lost it for good. I hate thinking about that dream, it gives me the creeps.

8.What cologne do you use?
-Some shit that is derived from rabbit pussy.

9.If you could have a super power what would it be?
-I don't know, probably something to do with my penis and cum.

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