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We created a new Message Board so please check it out! If you have any questions about any of the guys or the show post your questions/comments for us or other viewers to answer or if you just wanna talk, feel free!

j a c k a s s


-Steve-o is in a infomercial movie called "Xtreme Laughs" look for it on comedy centrial in the late night - early morning.

-Blink182 is financing Bams movie "Your Haggard Life"

-Cky3 is due out in stores in October.

-Jackass has been cancled due to MTV being such pussies, But they will continue to rerun jackass @ 10:00pm every sunday.

-Dave Englands wife had a baby. Go to his fan site for more info and a pic. Page is in the links.

-New CKY-Bran Double CD!! Go to rakes page for ordering info. His page is in the links.

-Steveo is planing to release a uncensored jackass video, showing things MTV wouldn't. Due out in September.


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-Added Gumball and Hawk Tour quotes.

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Jackass on Sunday nights on MTV at the 10 spot